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I’ve heard some rumors about a few people at my school getting raped (family, peers, etc.) and it just doesn’t seem real. It feels awful passing by these people in the hallways. You never really think these things will happen to you until they happen to people you know.


Although we’ve been able to constantly search for various opinions and stories of sexual assault, we’ve never personally heard anything ourselves—thus giving us the idea to open up the option of submitting posts.

As a blog trying to change the way rape is perceived, one of the most powerful ways of accomplishing this is to actually listen to our supporters. Whether it be your own story or your opinion on rape culture, we want our blog to be a place that can tell it. Just click on the submit button, and we will review your post.

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"For readers interested in learning more about how not to be labeled as registered sex offenders, a good first step is not to rape unconscious women, no matter how good your grades are. Regardless of the strength of your GPA (weighted or unweighted), if you commit rape, there is a possibility you may someday be convicted of a sex crime. This is because of your decision to commit a sex crime instead of going for a walk, or reading a book by Cormac McCarthy. Your ability to perform calculus or play football is generally not taken into consideration in a court of law. Should you prefer to be known as ‘Good student and excellent football player Trent Mays’ rather than ‘Convicted sex offender Trent Mays,’ try stressing the studying and tackling and giving the sex crimes a miss altogether…

Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richardson are not the “stars” of the Steubenville rape trial. They aren’t the only characters in a drama playing out in eastern Ohio. And yet a CNN viewer learning about the Steubenville rape verdict is presented with dynamic, sympathetic, complicated male figures, and a nonentity of an anonymous victim, the ‘lasting effects’ of whose graphic, public sexual assault are ignored. Small wonder, then, that anyone would find themselves on the side of these men—these poor young men, who were very good at taking tests and playing sports when they were not raping their classmates."

Mallory Ortberg of Gawker, critiquing CNN’s disgusting response to the Stuebenville rape trial verdicts. 

Her commentary is spot on.

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"PTSD is a common long-term effect, and, in fact, rape survivors may be the single largest group of individuals suffering from this disorder. According to one large community survey, the lifetime prevalence of PTSD in rape victims was 57 percent, and symptoms may not actually appear until years after the assault."

Edited by Paula K. Lunderberg-Love & Shelly L. Marmion, "Intimate Violence Against Women: When Spouses, Partners or Lovers Attack." Praeger Publishers, 2008. (p. 66)


Sh*t Everybody Says To Rape Victims [TW]

Was not expecting to see this, but I’m glad it exists. I really hope this meme sticks around for a while, so many perspectives are using it as a medium to explain their daily lived experiences.

Watch and discuss


The media continues to blur the lines of consent as well as encourage ideologies related to rape culture, and without the proper knowledge, high school students will continue to misunderstand these things. The recurring cycle of victim-blaming and victim-shaming will not stop until people are educated, and the only way to make a real change is to educate the youth.

Tumblr is a very wide platform dedicated to trying to change injustice in the world. We are three high school students, and we are trying our best to change our high school curriculum so that we as well as future generations will benefit. Knowledge empowers people, and with this specific knowledge comes the power to prevent future cases of sexual violence.

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considering how far the feminist movement is building up on tumblr/twitter these days i’m really shocked that no one seems to have mentioned that in the last few days, in India two young girls were gang raped then hanged in a tree, that protests are now going on because the police have done nothing in order to find the gross pigs who did this. (source/source)

not to mention the fact a young woman was killed in pakistan, by her family/parents/husband, because she refused to take part in the arranged marriage, and no one did anything about the fact the husband to be had already murdered his first wife. (source/source)